Bringing modern genomics to the management of lung cancer in Queensland

This project piloted the use and assessed the impact of genomic testing in lung cancer treatment in Queensland.

The approaches used in the lung cancer project could be applied to other cancer types in the future.

Project Deliverables

Round 1 clinical projects build evidence and identify potential treatment pathways for genomic medicine.

Patient Recruitment and Testing:
  • Meet with lung cancer multidisciplinary teams to define patients who should be offered medical genomics services
  • Develop and test protocols for sample collection and transfer to ATGC
  • Collect and share samples between MGHA, ATGC
  • Perform WES/panel sequencing
  • Optimise approach depending on observed performance
Data Analysis, Transfer and Reporting Approaches:
  • Investigate infrastructure and personnel availability and requirements for linking ATGC, JCU and AGHA
  • Meet with lung cancer MDTs to develop optimal report structures
  • Implement data transfer and analysis and reporting pipelines at involved analysis and clinical sites
  • Establish genomics database with EMR linkage
  • Optimise analytic and reporting approaches after discussion with end-users
Health Economics Assessment:
  • Meet with MGHA/AGHA to harmonise cost-effectiveness analysis approaches
  • Establish data linkage methods with QCCAT
  • Implement and capture cost and health economic outcome data at PCH, PAH and region sites
  • Provide analysed cost-benefit data to enable optimisation of models of care
Education/Workforce Development:
  • Develop agreed text for clinical and research consent for non- Indigenous lung cancer patients
  • Develop agreed text for clinical and research consent for Indigenous lung cancer patients
  • Produce videos for informed consent process
  • Measure performance and acceptability of smart-phone enabled consenting process, adjust approach
  • Contribute units to HGSA educational programs in lung cancer genomics
Ethics, Legal and Social Implications:
  • Hold workshops on genomic non-discrimination
  • Hold workshops and community meetings regarding Indigenous genomics
  • Write policy documents and publicise
  • Adapt medical genomics services in light of Indigenous meeting outcomes
  • Meet with State Government to lobby for genomic non- discrimination recommendations
Project Investigators

Project leaders engage with and draw upon the expertise of partners within universities, research institutes and hospital and health services around Queensland.

Professor Matt Brown, Princess Alexandra Hospital and Queensland University of Technology (lead)

Professor Kenneth O’Byrne, Queensland University of Technology

Professor Nick Graves, Queensland University of Technology

Associate Professor Paul Leo, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Stephen Ayre, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Professor Kwun Fong, The University of Queensland & The Prince Charles Hospital

Professor Ian Yang, The University of Queensland & The Prince Charles Hospital

Professor John Devereux, The University of Queensland

Dr John Rowell, Pathology Queensland

Professor Stephen Fox, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Dr Jayesh Desai, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Professor Jacinta Elston, James Cook University

Professor Alan Baxter, James Cook University

Professor Sabe Sabesan, James Cook University

Dr Emily Callander, James Cook University