To ensure Queensland clinicians and patients have access to high quality genomic testing that is timely, cost-effective and standardised, quality management systems must be developed for genomic testing in Queensland.

The Genomic Testing Innovation project team developed systems to cover pathology processes including sample collection, processing, analysis, tracking, and reporting.


To ensure Queensland is equipped to apply medical genomics to everyday healthcare, a number of capability building projects were funded in Round 1.

Ensuring Quality:

  • Employ Quality Manager
  • Develop a Quality Management Plan for Pathology
  • Establish Governance & Operational Groups
  • Develop IT Capability Guideline
  • Develop a Data Management Plan

Technology Development:

  • Employ Senior Medical Scientist
  • Working towards NATA accreditation for clinical exome sequencing
  • Assessment of Genomic Technology within Queensland

Support Implementation:

  • Support Round 1 Clinical Demonstration Projects

Project leaders engage with and draw upon the expertise of partners within universities, research institutes and hospital and health services around Queensland.

  • Professor Sunil Lakhani, Pathology Queensland & The University of Queensland (Lead)
  • Professor Matthew Brown, Queensland University of Technology
  • Professor Lyn Griffths, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr James Harraway, MP
  • Dr Valentine Hyland, Pathology Queensland
  • Associate Professor Julie McGaughran, Genetic Health Queensland
  • Dr Ken McGrath, Australian Genome Research Facility
  • Professor Kenneth O’Byrne, Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • John Pearson, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Professor Greg Rice, The University of Queensland
  • Dr John Rowell, Pathology Queensland
  • Dr Sanmarie Schlebusch, MP
  • Dr Louise Seymour, Pathology Queensland
  • Dr Kirby Siemering, Australian Genome Research Facility
  • Dr Peter Simpson, Pathology Queensland
  • Professor Matt Trau, Pathology Queensland
  • Dr Nic Waddell, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Dr Janet Warner, MP
  • Dr Larisa Haupt, Queensland University of Technology
  • Ms Leanne Baxter, Pathology Queensland

Round 1 – Capability-building projects

Your blood, your story
Community Engagement

Genomics resources for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples


Round 3 Investment

Infectious disease

Genome sequencing shown to curb disease outbreaks