Connecting consumers and our health system with genomics research.

The goal of the Queensland Genomics Program was to accelerate the adoption of genomics into everyday care for Queenslanders. Over five years we invested in clinical activity, built capability and capacity in our health system, and engaged our community to activate them in the discussion – making sure we put people at the centre of their care.

Via the Program, Queensland Health invested in a range of disease areas that were genomics ready; including cancer, neurology, cardiac and infectious disease.


Key Resources:

Infection control microbial genomics
GENOMICS FOR infection control TOOLKIT

Advances in sequencing can now assist hospital infection control units to improve infection control responses within hospital and health care facilities.


Renal education
renal education

To support Nephrologists, Queensland Genomics funded the development of five online modules on the use of genomics in renal medicine.


healthcare interpreter training

Building genomics health literacy for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Access a recorded training session to learn about genomics in healthcare and become familiar with common genetics and genomics medical terms.


GP Education

Support GPs to learn more about genomics and apply this knowledge to their practice. Access accredited education modules and webinar recordings.


Aboriginal woman genomics inherited heart disease
aboriginal & torres strait islander resources

Health literacy resources to educate and inform Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander consumers and health workers on the topics of DNA, genes, genetic health, genetic testing and precision medicine.


genomics information toolkit for patients

A resource to assist patients to engage with and access genetic and genomic health services and testing in Queensland. Find out what genomics is, where you can go for testing, and the different kinds of genetic tests that are available.


genomic information managment
nagim blueprint

The Blueprint for a National Approach to Genomic Information Management (NAGIM Blueprint) sets out a series of principles to guide decision-making and future implementations, on the responsible collection, storage, use and management of genomic data.


Aboriginal Artwork
nagim blueprint

The Blueprint for a National Approach to Genomic Information Management (NAGIM Blueprint) sets out a series of Guidelines for genomic research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Queensland.