Investment in Round 3 Capability and Infrastructure initiatives will support Round 2 and Round 3 Clinical Projects, with a continued focus on a system wide uplift in Queensland Health’s genomics capability & capacity.

Existing Round 2 and new Round 3 Clinical projects will be engaged to inform the Capability and Infrastructure program.

Round 3 (2020-2021) Capability and Infrastructure activities are led by Queensland Health and Hospital and Health Services with support from other Queensland Genomics partners as needed.

Queensland Genomics will continue to work with Queensland Health areas that are essential to the adoption of genomics into everyday healthcare where possible building on investments made in Round 2 in line with their respective strategies for genomics.

The program will continue to make use of research capacity developed in Round 1 and 2 to support Queensland Health to establish capability for genomics.

Capability and Infrastructure investment supports relevant Queensland Health genomics strategies.

The ongoing alignment of Queensland Health and Hospital and Health Services strategies relating to genomics (and research) will be considered by Queensland Genomics.

Where there is no existing genomics strategy, the capability and infrastructure investment will include genomics strategy development.

The Genomics Adoption Framework (GAF) will again be used to guide investment in Round 3 Capability and Infrastructure activities.

The GAF will be updated to incorporate advances made in policy and strategy direction for genomics from Queensland Health, Hospital and Health Services and the Australian Government Department of Health.

Queensland Genomics will fund program evaluation to inform Queensland Health’s future genomics strategy.

Queensland Genomics will work with stakeholders to plan activities to support Queensland’s strategy for Genomics beyond Queensland Genomics’ end date of 30 June 2021.