Investment will be directed by the Round 3 Clinical Project Investment Principles which build on Queensland Genomics Round 1 and Round 2, and have been approved by Queensland Health.

1. Projects meaningfully engage health consumers.

Program design and evaluation applies value based, outcomes focussed evidence.

The Queensland Genomics Community Advisory Group will be asked to provide input into project design.

2. Projects are clinically led and utilise existing clinical governance systems where possible.

Projects must be led by a practicing clinician in the relevant specialty area, with approval from HHS chief executives.

Queensland Genomics will seek to collaborate with existing Clinical Networks and hospital Clinical Councils for investment selection, project design, and project governance.

3. Clinical projects should partner with research groups to implement clinically applicable genomics research into clinical practice and support research innovation in clinical services.

Projects that support Hospital and/or Pathology Queensland genomics related strategies and programs will be prioritised.

Research-oriented projects (Innovation Projects) must have a clinical partner, who is willing to lead the project in the relevant healthcare setting.

4. Round 2 Incubation Projects will progress to become Round 3 Implementation Projects.

Projects identified in Round 2’s clinical project co-design process as incubators will “complete” the remainder of the co-design process (partnerships, feasibility and project planning).

5. Round 3 Clinical projects may include a focus on patient cohorts and/or disease areas to build evidence in:

  • precision medicine,
  • pharmacogenomics, and/or
  • population/preventative health.

Queensland Genomics will prioritise clinical projects with Clinical Network sponsorship. Some clinical areas relevant to genomics are not represented by clinical networks, and in these cases Queensland Genomics will seek multi-site projects that include collaboration between Queensland Hospital and Health Services and in particular support regional and remote clinical services.

Precision medicine approaches should consider Queensland Health’s digital hospital program.

Pharmacogenomics projects will require a clinical area with relevance based on current RCPA guidelines (regardless of MBS funding).

Population or preventative health projects require clinical leadership or senior clinical sponsorship, and will address health system level capabilities and key health issues for Queenslanders.

Existing Queensland Genomics and Australian Genomics Projects operating in Queensland may apply, and will be considered for their reanalysis potential.

6. All Round 3 clinical projects must complete by 30 June 2021.

Queensland Genomics will complete its program on 30 June 2021 and all contracted activities, including evaluation and reporting will conclude in line with this date.