2019 was a huge year for Queensland Genomics, including the many clinicians, researchers, scientists, health advocates, administrators, doctors, nurses and health workers within our alliance.


In 2019, together we:


  • Established a cancer genomics advisory service to support Queensland cancer services to adopt genomics
  • Carried out Whole Genome Sequencing to identify infectious disease outbreaks in Queensland hospitals
  • Delivered and attended genomics training sessions, to further build workforce capabilities in Queensland
  • Partnered with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to engage them in genomics health research
  • Provided genomics literacy education sessions to engage culturally diverse communities in genomic medicine
  • Built Pathology Queensland’s capability in genomic sequencing services
  • Recruited the first ever Infection Control Genomics Nurse Coordinators
  • And much more…

As we look ahead to 2020, we are excited to continue on our mission to advance genomic medicine in Queensland.


2019 Year in Review