Develop a strategic approach to managing genomic information captured from clinical diagnostics and care, and explore applying artificial intelligence in medical genomics.

This project team will engage with key stakeholders within Queensland Health, including the Queensland Genomics clinical demonstration projects, to develop the use cases and architecture for a longitudinal information management strategy supporting the application of genomics in clinical settings.

The team will also determine how artificial intelligence methods might be used with genomic and phenotypic information of clinical origin to improve bioinformatics practice and decrease the time for results reporting to reach clinicians.

The project will advance Queensland Health’s understanding of the role genomics information may have in precision medicine within the state, and through pathology and diagnostics services.

Project Partners

Project leaders engage with and draw upon the expertise of partners within universities, research institutes and hospital and health services around Queensland.

  • David Hansen, Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • John Pearson, QIMRB
  • David Bunker, Queensland Genomics
  • Alejandro Metke, Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • Derek Ireland, Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • Denis Bauer, Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • Michael Lawley, Australian eHealth Research Centre
  • Brendan Hosking, Australian eHealth Research Centre