In August 2019, Queensland Genomics hosted a seminar: Accelerating Discovery – Genomics England Research Environment.

The seminar was presented by Dr James Holman, the Research Environment Programme Delivery Lead with Genomics England.

In his role at Genomics England, James is responsible for a secure digital workspace where researchers across the world undertake their genomic analysis on data collected through the 100,000 Genome Project.

Prior to this, James led the establishment of the Information Management Programme at Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance.  He has also worked at both a state and national level within Australia addressing the challenges of managing health data. James has a doctorate in genetics and recently obtained an executive MBA in Switzerland.

His mission is to maximise the value of the data held by Genomics England.

In this seminar James Holman discusses the challenges of accelerating scientific discovery using genomic data.


You can view the full seminar below.