Myeloid cancers affect the blood and bone marrow, with approximately 900 Australians diagnosed each year.

This type of cancer progresses rapidly and is usually fatal within weeks or months without treatment.

This project will use genomic testing to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and therapy options for patients with myeloid cancers.

Myeloid blood cancers are difficult to treat, with patients often requiring a bone marrow transplant to increase their chance of survival. Bone marrow transplantation is a complicated procedure with significant risks and long recovery times.

Precise prognostic data provided through genomic testing will improve treatment pathways and decisions for bone marrow transplant services for Queensland patients.

This is a clinical implementation project, which applies best evidence to clinical practice and is intended to become standard of care following project completion.

Project Investigators

Project leaders engage with and draw upon the expertise of partners within universities, research institutes and hospital and health services around Queensland.

Dr Cameron Curley, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital (lead)

Associate Professor Paula Marlton, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Dr Michelle Bryson, Gold Coast University Hospital

Dr Andy Moore, Queensland Children’s Hospital

Dr Ketan Bavishi, Cairns Hospital

Dr Hock-Choong Lai, Townsville Hospital

Associate Professor Steven Lane, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

Dr Andrea Henden, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

Dr Nicholas Weber, Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital

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