Queensland Genomics ran a series of genomics literacy education sessions in 2019 as part of our Community Advisory Group’s Genomics Literacy in Multicultural Queensland project, aimed at engaging culturally diverse communities in genomic medicine.

The sessions were designed for healthcare interpreters and Bilingual Multicultural Health Workers to help prepare multicultural communities, and the health system for the influx in genomics that is expected in the health system in the next few years.


The growth in the use of genomic technology will result in more medical consultations that require genetics and genomics language and concepts.

This can bring challenges for multicultural communities accessing the health system because complex new concepts may be unfamiliar and vocabulary may be difficult to interpret.


Healthcare Interpreter Training Sessions
October 2019

Education sessions provided multicultural healthcare interpreters with a background on genomics in healthcare and introduced participants to common genetics and genomics medical terms. It was an opportunity for participants to ask questions about genomics and genetic health services in Queensland.

“It was very simplified explanation of all terms.  It’s the best workshop I’ve attended, I will be using all information during my future assignments.”



Bilingual Health Workers Information Session
September 2019

Queensland Genomics ran an information and engagement session for Bilingual Multicultural Health Workers at the Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland. The aim of this session was to share information about genomics and to learn how multicultural communities would like to be engaged in the healthcare system.

The session provided a background on genomics in healthcare, common genetics and genomics medical terms, and the nature of state-wide genetic health services in Queensland. Participants discussed a range of questions genomics would raise in their communities, and shared ideas on how the health system could engage with their communities on genomic medicine in the future.

“The content of information is relevant, useful and educative. All presenters were professional (knowledge, communication skills etc.)”