Connecting, educating, and working together to meet the needs of Queenslanders most impacted by genomic medicine – including those in hard to reach communities.

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Genomics literacy in multicultural Queensland

To build genomics health literacy for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, this project team have developed and delivered genomics education sessions to bilingual health workers and medical interpreters.


pregnant woman and child - MODY project
Genomics information toolkit for patients

The Genomics Information Toolkit for Patients is designed to help people access genetic and genomic health services and testing in Queensland.


Myeloid cancer
Health Consumers Queensland

This community awareness building project partnered with Health Consumers Queensland (HCQ) on their annual Forum – to educate and engage with highly engaged health consumers. HCQ’s annual forum brings together 200-300 health consumers, community engagement practitioners and clinicians each year.


Your blood, your story
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Literacy

The Indigenous Genomics Health Literacy Project team launched a series of health literacy resources to support and engage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in accessing genomics and personalised medicine.

The genomics education materials, which include brochures and a video, are culturally appropriate and cover the topics of DNA, genes, genetic health, genetic testing and precision medicine.


Community Group research projects

The Queensland Genomics Community Advisory Group is currently working on the following research papers:

  • Mapping the patient journey – Interviews with rare disease patients to determine the different ways genetic health services are accessed in different jurisdictions.
  • Health Consumers Queensland Forum Survey and Analysis – Develop, deploy and analyse a survey of participants the Health Consumers Queensland Forum.


Genomic support network

This community-led project will scope a Genomic Support Network for Queensland Patients that would:

  • Advise government decision makers on patient-centric genomics policy settings
  • Help families and patients navigate access to appropriate genomic health services and connect them to appropriate patient support services.


community group

The Queensland Genomics Community Advisory Group is a key part of the Alliance’s collaborative model. The group brings together representatives from across the medical genomics community including patients, clinicians, researchers and health administrators.


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