Advances in technology and medical testing are driving a new approach to healthcare that uses genetics and genomics to predict disease risk, provide fast and accurate diagnosis, and guide treatment decisions.

The growth in the use of genomic technology will result in more medical consultations that require genetics and genomics language and concepts. This can provide challenges for healthcare interpreters as concepts may be unfamiliar and the vocabulary may be difficult to interpret.

This free training session will provide multicultural healthcare interpreters with a background on genomics in healthcare and introduce common genetics and genomics medical terms. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about genomics and working with genetic health services.

The training is provided by the Queensland Government to help prepare healthcare interpreters for the influx in genetics and genomics expected in the health system in the next few years.

During this information session we will discuss:

  • Genetics terms you may need to know as an interpreter
  • An introduction to inheritance patterns and recording of family histories
  • Where in the health system you may encounter genetic and genomic concepts.


This training will be provided on two dates. Please select your preferred date/time to attend.

OPTION 1: Thursday 30 July, 10am-12noon

OPTION 2: Saturday 8 August, 10am-12noon

OPTION 3: Saturday 8 August, 1pm-3pm


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Multiple dates - July/August 2020


Multiple times


Online via Zoom