Following a granting process in late 2016, an investment of $4.8 million was awarded to Round 1 projects in April 2017. 

In Round 1, Queensland Genomics program design was based on:

  • The conduct of a number of clinical projects in specific disease areas;
  • The concurrent establishment of five capability-building projects to build capability in key areas of the health system.

Round 1 clinical and capability-building projects ran from September 2017 until March 2019.

Clinical demonstration projects

The objective of the Round 1 clinical projects was to evaluate the use of genomic sequencing to diagnose and manage patients in specific disease areas.

Four disease areas were selected as clinical projects in Round 1:

Capability building

A core theme of Queensland Genomics’ objectives is to build capability and infrastructure to implement clinical genomics in Queensland healthcare.

myeloid blood cancer genomics

Genomic testing offers personalised treatment for patients with myeloid blood cancers


New Cardiology Genomics Clinics for patients with inherited heart disease


Beyond Queensland Genomics